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Refection Blog 3: Bubble Filter and Group Blogs

In the past few weeks we have expanded our class discussion about filters. We did a fun experiment in class, everyone Googled “God” and we all had similar as well as different results. I never really thought of personal filtering before. I knew sites like Netflix, Amazon, and Facebook ads did that but I didn’t think Google would! I went home that day and tried out the experiment with my boy friend and then my dad, they were also shocked at the fact that we got different results or the same results in different order.

Our next class was spent in our blog groups, fine-tuning our blogrolls. This was a bit of a challenge for my group. We all liked our own blogs and we wanted to use all of them. We talked it over and over and finally narrowed down our list to our favorite 10 sites/blogs. We later discussed that we might want to edit our list with different blogs that are directed toward a more specific group, a younger audience.

In class we talked about Organization within a blog and the visual design. For me this was a bit dull, it was common sense, but I know that my group members were new to this topic because they have never written a blog, they have never taking Design Basics, etc. So I didn’t learn anything new in those 2 classes.

I’ll admit I’m a bit concerned with our blog. I feel that we are trying something new, and we choose a topic that was doesn’t really have a set audience. I’m up for the challenge and so are my group members. It’s something I have never done, a group blog, and I know at the end it will be a good experience.

TED-The Filter Bubble

My Ten Years of Blogging,” by Malik Om

Non-Designers Design Book Chapters 1, 6 and 8


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