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Reflection Blog: 4 “Creative Commons, Linking, and Presentataion”

What a loaded week. I’ll be honest, in the past I never really thought of Creative Commons or any of the protection laws on images and such. I am so glade we covered this in class, I just wish we cold of been able to spend more time on it. It was a lot of new information for me and I felt extremely overwhelmed and I’ll be honest, even now I’m still a bit confused. I did like the reading; I will be referring back to it when adding images to our Group Blog.

When we talked about linking, I didn’t really learn anything new. I have been hyper linking, and citing my sources all my tweeting/blogging, life. It feels like second nature to me. Maybe it’s cause I have technology flowing there my veins, it just seem to get the positives to linking. I have talked to my group about it and they all agree that we need to have links in our blog. It will help give our readers more information as well as lead to examples to explain our points better. As one of the editor I do plan on adding more hyper linked, deleting those that aren’t really necessary (we don’t want to distract our readers form reading our blogs), and editing links (making sure that when a read scrolls over them the correct information about the link is shown). I think that linking will be very helpful with all our blog topics.

Presentations, I’ll admit that I was a little nervous about them. My group seemed to have a lot to talk about and I know we didn’t have much time. We didn’t even get to my part of the presentation before time was up. Any way I feel that it could of gone better. Although I will say that I LOVED that twitter feedback. I thought it was a great idea and it really helped my group see that people would be interested in our topics, as well as questions they had, topic ideas for us, and more. I felt that was the best part of that class. I would love to do more exercises like that, they are a lot of fun and everyone gets involved.




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