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Refelction Blog: 5 “Wikipedia & Group Blogging”

Group Blog – it’s turning to quite an ordeal… I wish that we talked about subjects like “style guide” before we started to write. My group seems to be having a lot of trouble and we all have “leadership” personalities so it’s really hard to have a meeting without some small disagreement.

Since spring break we have talked about Wikipedia – I am not a huge fan because for the most part they are no a reliable source (but the links used to get the information, for the most part, are). So I guess I would have to say that I do like them, for the should purple that they have good links to credible sources and that they do have a history factor so you can go back and see changes that have been made. I just never really was part of the Wikipedia hype. I had to work with a group last semester in Dr. David Parry’s class creating a Wiki. It didn’t go well, we fussed and had trouble publishing and only 2 out of the 4 of my group members, including my self, actually did and work.

We did have a fun experiment in class this week. We all spread out around the campus and our leaders stayed with our professor and through social media we had to communicate and complete a task. I liked and disliked this ‘game.’ One of my group members isn’t as tech-savvy as the rest of us and we had trouble choosing a source of social media to us. I also felt so rushed and I know it was a ‘game’ but I got tense and didn’t fully understand the exercise till the last topic was given. What we had to do was go to Wikipedia, form there we were given a word/phrase (i.e. “Hot Jupiter”) from there we had to find links that traced back to “Dallas, TX” It was fun and something new but hard because I’m not a fast reader nor do I have a need to use this technique in the future. I know that part of this game was to see that linking happens in the most unexpected places.

Another thing that we have talked about in class this week was “Style Guide.” I really wish we had talked about before spring break. My Group Blog really needed that extra bit of help, it think if we had more time to prepare we could make out blog so like all our 4 topics belong and flow better, that what they do now. I do find it interesting, how different a person’s writing style can be, and I know it’s hard to change it, and it’s even harder to clique someone’s and make changes to their blog. I’m not a big fan of that. But I do see the need to do it.


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One thought on “Refelction Blog: 5 “Wikipedia & Group Blogging”

  1. I think you might be a little harsh on Wikipedia. I think it’s a great tool to use especially as a quick reference to get an idea of what something is all about plus in a study done by the Journal of Nature like 6 years ago found Wikipedia as accurate as Encyclopedia Brittanica: http://news.cnet.com/2100-1038_3-5997332.html.

    And I agree with you about the style guide, though we didn’t have many issues in this regard, we did have some, it would have helped us a lot as well if we did it in the beginning.

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