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Reflection Blog: 6 “Techonolgy gone Digital”

Internet Access Here Sign

Internet Access Here Sign (Photo credit: Steve Rhode)


Ok, my reflection of the past few classes. We’ve covered a lot of information in the past few weeks.

We covered the idea of ‘transmedia.’ it was a new term for me but what it is made since to our group.

Next we covered platforms, why platforms were beneficial, which ones were useful. I guess I never really thought about how the layout or how the site works to be productive and grow. Sites like WordPress are simple, but have lots of options, clean and organized. Then compared to other blog sites that are harder to navigate for writers and readers.

I missed a class, due to a funeral I had to go to and traveling out of town for work. I missed a class that I was really looking forward too. How to give a presentation by visuals instead of text. I did a short presentation last semester with Dr. David Parry that consisted of having 10 slides for 20sec each with only visuals, images, pictures. There was no text, no bullet points, and no paragraphs of text in small font. I found last semester that this kind of presentation is very appealing and draws the audience into what you are saying. I hope that my group’s final presentation will have a similar feel and techniques.

The last 2 classes we discussed Transmadia, again, and the digital divide. How technology is interring our real, 3D world, and how people are going to communicate in the future. We watched a cool video of Google’s new visor that gives the idea that the technology and the real world are co-existing. I love these kinds of topics; future technology is what EMAC is all about. And we also talked about the divide of who has access to the Internet. That other cultures and countries are still disconnected so how do we reach out to everyone? My family lives in Ireland (south western region, mostly country with no big cities close by).  Where my family didn’t ever have a computer till I was in middle school, and they didn’t have internet access till I was a senor in high school. Still to this dad my family still doesn’t understand emails (nor do they have an email address) or what Facebook or Twitter are.


To come, our final group presentation. I’m a little worried due that my group has a tendency to over-complicate simple ideas. The presentation is about 10min of talking, and 10min of Q&A, I just hope that everyone can get his or her ideas across in the simplest form so we don’t loose our audience/future employer.



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