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Reflection Blog: 7 “End of Semester”

This semester flew by… This class as a whole was different and I did learn a few new things.

The last few weeks we have been summing up the class, the blogs. My group finally found the site theme (with only one blog left to go). It was a bit stressful, working with this group. They are all great people but we all butting heads from time to time.  I was so happy that we got a lot of time in class to work with on our blog. It really gave everyone a chance to ask questions, get answers, and really focus on the blog.

The final presentation was a good idea. I like that we had a “real-life” experience selling ourselves to a company. I do wish we had a few more guidelines though. My group seemed to freak out with all the freedom we had to present out blog. I also wish we had a semi-targeted audience so we could deliver information about our skills more directly.

Now that it’s the end of the semester I have to say I’m not very found of the reflection blogs. I understand the purpose of them but I don’t feel that it’s helping me. I know that the best way to learn something is to teach it another, but just reflecting on what we did in class, this semester wasn’t very helpful to me. My group members almost forgot to do their reflection blogs because they didn’t seem nearly as important to our group blog.

Thanks for a great semester and the donuts for the last day of class!


2 thoughts on “Reflection Blog: 7 “End of Semester”

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  2. Congrats on finding your theme! That was something I felt our group had trouble with the whole semester. How did you do it? If you went back and did your project again, do you think you could find your theme earlier?

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