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Still Image

What do these people have in common?

Will Smith - Actor - ADHD

Tommy Hilfiger - CEO of Tommy Hilfiger - Dyslexic

Whoopi Goldberg - Actress - Dyslexic

Tom Cruise - Actor - Dyslexic

Terry Bradshaw - NFL - ADHD

Sir Richard Branson - CEO of Virgin - Dyslexic

Michelle Rodriguez - Actress - ADHD

Magic Johnson - MBA - Dyslexic

Keira Knightley - Actress - Dyslexic

John Chambers - CEO of Cisco - Dyslexic

John F Kennedy - President - Dyslexic

Eva Longoria - Actress - ADHD

Ingvar Kamprad - CEO of Ikea - ADHD

Emma Watson - Actress - ADHD

Jay Leno - TV Host -  Dyslexic

Avril Lavigne - Singer - ADHD

David Needelman - CEO of JetBlue - Dyslexic

Danny Glover - Actor - Dyslexia

Cher - Performer - Dyslexic

They are proof that you can do what ever you want no matter what your Learning Difference is!


This is me, Sarah Hardey, a student at UTD. I was told at a very young age that I would never make it to college, that I would never succeed at anything, and that I was dumb.
Can you believe that?!?!


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