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Text – Final

Text Object – Dyslexia [pdf]

I used fonts from DaFont.com, Word, and fSymbols.com to demonstrate how the use of different fonts can effect they way a person reads. As a dyslexic I find that some fonts are easier to read than others so I have used a few fonts that are hard and easy for myself to read in this pdf (above). One of the paragraphs is even upside down, because from time to time I find that I can read faster upside down than I do when the text is right-side-up.


Changes that were made:

  • fixed and changed a few of the paragraphs
  • edited the text, removed/fixed typos
  • added more colors to the background for the reader to experience more of how the background color can help or hinder a persons abilities.
  • added a “help” arrow for readers to know where to being reading the up-side-down text.
  • edited the up-side-down text to no longer by backwards


Fonts Used:


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